Thursday, February 17, 2011

Resources for Starting an eReader Program in the Library (Attachments from Prezi entitled "Print or Pixels: eBooks and eReaders in the School Library")

There have been some requests for the attachments that Jim Martin (from NEOnet) and I included in our presentation on eReaders at the OELMA (Ohio Educational Library Media Association) in the fall.  They are listed and linked under the eReader Resources section on the right-hand side of the blog, as well as linked in the annotated list below.

Student Forms

eReader Student Rental Agreement - The Student Rental Agreement is a form that students need to fill out before they can borrow one of the eReaders.  We keep the original on file, so the students do not need to complete the form again if they will be checking out the eReader in the future.  There is also a copy of the form in the bag with the eReader, case, and power supply.  We began circulating in October 2010, and we haven't lost any eReaders yet.

iPad Student Feedback Form and Nook Student Feedback Form - These two feedback forms are used when students first check out the iPad or Nooks.  (The iPad is only to be used in the library; the Nooks can be taken home for one week.)  Most students do not take the feedback form seriously; they just want to use the device, but it does offer some data on usage.  We also keep a tally sheet for male/female and grade level usage.  In the future, we will also be collecting comments from students via video regarding their experiences with the eReaders.

eReader/eBook Resources

eReader Overview - This document was compiled by Jim Martin and offers the specs of 44 eReader devices; it is dated October, so there should be an update in the spring.  Although most schools are using the Nook or Kindle as an eReading device, it is helpful to look at possible alternatives depending on the needs of the library or classroom population.

Free Sources of eBooks - Jim Martin also provided this document with an annotated list of eight sources for free eBooks.  This is not an exhaustive list, but it's a place to begin.

DRM and File Formats - Another helpful document from Jim Martin, who explains DRM (Digital Rights Management) and defines many of the file formats that are used with eReaders.  (Updated document, 3-3-11)

Information on 3G vs Wifi and CIPA - Jim Martin offers an overview of CIPA and 3G vs WiFi devices.  He adds a disclaimer on the document, "This document was NOT prepared by anyone with a legal background. The issues are raised so that school staff are aware of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the potential conflict raised by supplying students with 3g wireless eReaders and Wi-Fi enabled eReaders."

eReader/eBook Management and Cataloging

Instructions for Cataloging eBooks in WorkFlows - These instructions were created by Jim Martin for library staff that use the Sirsi WorkFlows library management software (applicable to InfOhio users).  Martin offers three methods of cataloging eBooks, which can be transferred to other types of cataloging software.  At Copley High School, we catalog the eReader device, and then create a circulation set of all the books that are held on the device.  (See instructions regarding creating a circulation set below.) 

Creating Circulation Sets - Martin's WorkFlows instructions for creating a circulation set.  Each ebook is cataloged individually and then added to a Nook set.

Nook Cover 1 and Nook Cover 2 - Two examples of wallpaper for the Nook.  We include the name of the library, number of the Nook, the school contact information, and the barcode of the Nook.  The jpg, png, or gif image size must be 600 x 760.  For more information on how to create Nook wallpaper or screensavers, check Nook-Look.  Please note that the Color Nook uses a different image size, which I have yet to experiment with.


  1. I am wondering if you could repost a copy of the eReader Student Rental Agreement. When I try to access it it tells me it isn't there. Thanks!

  2. The link is fixed. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Also the side e-reader resource links are working as well.