Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Think Outside the Container: eReaders and the iPad in the Library and Classroom

On Friday, March 18, Jim Martin and I will be offering an updated presentation on using eReaders and the iPad in the library and classroom at the NEOtech conference at the University of Akron.  For those who are interested in the updated Prezi, click on this link.  This Prezi offers a pros/cons list of the Kindle, Nook, Sony, and iPad as well as a section on student use in the library and classroom, including a brief video of Copley High School student's candid thoughts on eReaders and the iPad.  There are also two new eResources located in the eReader Resources list on the blog:

Annotated List of eReader and iPad Resources:

I have been collecting various blog links, websites, and articles that relate to using eReaders and the iPad in education.  Colleen Scolaro, a Kent State University library student, annotated the list for me as well as added some resources that she discovered.  There are approximately 66 resources, and the iPad resources are especially helpful.  It is not an exhaustive list, but for anyone piloting an eReader or iPad program, it will be a solid place to start.

Instructions for Checking Out eBooks from the Public Library:

Jim Martin put together this useful resource on how to check out an eBook from the public library using Adobe Digital Editions and how to put an eBook on a Nook or Sony.  It includes screen shots and step-by-step directions.  This will be helpful for those who want to borrow a book from their local library. We have tried to borrow books from the public library using the school Nooks, but an individual person has to borrow the book.  Our local public library is willing to offer our school a library card so that we can borrow books, but we would be responsible for any problems associated with the borrowed books. Since the books automatically disappear from the eReader device on the due date, there shouldn't be any late fees, so we will be pursuing the library lending option in the near future.

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